The last few months…

Well, folks, it has been almost three months since we last posted a blog. Three months!! And, let me tell you, those three months flew by in a flash!

Whenever that much time elapses between blog posts (this, unfortunately, happens more frequently that not), I have a debilitating urge to fill you in on everything that has happened–which, of course, is impossible.

So, in the words of Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride:

“Let me explain… no, there is too much. Let me sum up.”

On March 20 we welcomed a charming little man into our family: Oliver Easton. We have enjoyed getting to know him over the past few months. He has already brought so much joy and laughter to our little family.




Because much of our furlough-time was spent waiting for our baby–and then recovering from an unplanned C-section–we did not get to see everyone we would have liked! If you are one of our many friends who we did not get to visit this time, just know we missed seeing you and look forward to the next time our paths cross.

Though we would have loved to spend more time with our friends and loved ones across the US, the fact that we didn’t have much choice but to stay put for a while actually allowed us some time to rest and rejuvenate–something that we really needed. So, though we may have been a little sleep deprived from the nights with a new baby, by the end of our time in the States we felt rested and ready to get back to Tanzania.


My two boys.

Which brings us up-to-date. We are back in Mtwara! We were warmly welcomed by team-mates and friends. It has been so fun to introduce Oliver to our many friends here!

And since “summing up” is much harder to do in words, I turn to my ever faithful pictures to do the work for me.


Bekari meeting baby Oliver (pronounced: Oh-li-va)


Fatima meeting Oliver

photo 1-5

Aletheia and Oliver

photo 2-4

Jeda and Oliver (the two little boys on the team)


photo 3

Swimming with Sarah and Reed

photo 4-2

Oliver’s first swim in the Indian ocean!!



First Year Report

Below is a PDF file of our First Year Report: a brief report summarizing and reflecting on our first year working here in Tanzania, plus looking ahead to the future. It contains a short timeline of our year, an explanation of what we’ve accomplished this year, a brief action plan for the year to come, and some great photos from the year. We hope you enjoy. Just click on the image to open it up.

Click on the Image to Open the Report